Welcome to Anchor Ramblers

The club was formed in May 1978 by a group of workers at the BICC factory in Leigh. Although any link with BICC was broken a long time ago, the name ‘Anchor’ comes from that connection with ‘Anchor Cables’. The purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for people to enjoy rambling in a safe and enjoyable environment.

To this end, we offer a programme of guided walks every four weeks. A coach is provided to take the group to a selected location and to bring us back at the end of the day. We usually have four walks which are led by experienced walkers, and are graded to suit different tastes and abilities.

The walks range from around: –
 ‘D’ walk of 6-8 miles
 ‘C’ walk of 8-10 miles
 ‘B’ walk of 11-13 miles
 ‘A’ walk a more strenuous challenge for those who feel up to it.

We have also adopted the practice of ending the June and December walks with a meal at a suitable hostelry. If you enjoy the countryside and like good company and making new friends, you will find all these with Anchor Ramblers and you are very welcome to join us. You will need to wear suitable footwear, and, since we can’t control the weather, it is sensible to be prepared. Trainers and jeans are not recommended for walking and you would be well advised to have a pair of waterproof over trousers with you. It will also be sensible to bring food and drink to see you through the day. If you need any advice on what you need the other members of the group will be happy to share the benefit of their experience.


One thought on “About

  1. Dear Sir, Madam

    I am retiring in July, 2917 and l am looking to join a local rambling group. I have completed a few long distance paths in this country and walk most weekends. I have also completed a weeks walking holiday in Spain.

    Would you please be kind enough to advise me of your typical walks together with membership details.

    I remain
    yours sincerely

    Norman Wilcock

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